Dogville (via Far From The Sticks)

I was going to write a post about Dogville – a shelter here in Ankara that is in desperate need of your help. Looks like my Ankara BFF beat me to it. Please read her post and help out any way you can! Thanks!

Dogville This man loves dogs.  Any dog.  My husband is as burly and masculine as you can be, but get him near any type of canine and he is like butter.  Which is truly adorable.  We spend a lot of time petting street dogs.   Lately we have also been feeding them.  We bring our leftovers to the park near our house where the dogs hang out.  They love it.  When I jog in the park I am now trailed by several dogs who alternately beg for food and affection.  Re … Read More

via Far From The Sticks

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  1. Hi Terry,
    Sorry I beat you to it! Bulent asked me to write a post for the shelter, and since I had that cute photo of him with the puppy, I couldn’t resist!
    See you soon!

    PS…We got that whole litter of puppies adopted from our park.

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