A.I. sits out the first game

Allen Iverson did not play in the first game after his arrival.  According to the team’s manager, Murat Murtezaoglu, Iverson “did not feel ready” to play Friday night’s game against Renault. Instead, Iverson watched the game from the stands with Big Ki.  Iverson did not dress in uniform.  Beşiktaş Cola Turka beat Cola Turka 87-81.

Allen Iverson and Big Ki watch the game from the stands

This may not come as a surprise to most Americans.  Frankly, I am not surprised either, but for different reasons.  Moving to Turkey was doubtless a huge culture shock for “da Answer.”  I visited the country 5 times before making the big move.  At first blush, everything must be different than A.I. is used to.  People are different.  Housing is different.  Food is different.  Traffic is different – to say the least!

I’m thinking A.I. must have been suffering and wondering, “What the hell did I do?!”  I know that feeling well.  I remember moving into my first place, just across town from my parent’s home.  I laid in bed the first night, staring out the window, asking myself, “What the hell did I do?”  I experienced the same feeling when I first moved to Philly.

A.I. is also used to American fans.  And we all know how tough Philly fans can be!  But A.I. has likely heard stories of the Turkish fans by now. He may have just wanted to check out the situation.  He may have wanted to see the often biased refs in action.  He may have just wanted to take in a game.  I think he deserves it.

A.I., if you are reading this, I’m here for you, man!  When you are feeling homesick, I’ll make you a real Philly cheesesteak.  If you are yearning for bacon, I have a contact now.  If you just want to talk, I’m just a 30 minute flight away. 

To his American fans, if you are trying to follow the Beşiktaş website, my advice is to view the Turkish version and use Google translator.  The English version of the site is not as good (most links don’t work.)

You can view last night’s story here:  http://www.bjk.com.tr/tr/haberler.php?h_no=18806

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