Vacation Break

Dear Readers and Friends,

I leave tomorrow for a week’s vacation.  I am heading to the “Turkish Riviera” and will enjoy 5 nights in a luxury hotel in the Antalya region, courtesy of the family.  Antalya is on the southern border of Turkey, along the Mediterranean.  I will have a lot of fun pics to share when I return.

Antalya - Along the Southern Border of Turkey

I’m considering it our honeymoon, at last!  It will also be a week long birthday celebration.  I just love birthdays, especially mine!

Erik, Cora, and Danny Celebrating a Birthday in the Early 90's

The town where we are headed is about a 6 to 7 hour drive from Ankara.  Thanks Goodness we finally bought a reliable car!  On the return drive, we plan on stopping to visit some historical archaeological sites.  Hopefully, fabulous photos will be the result.


While I am away, I hope you have a chance to catch up on some of your reading.    ROAD TRIP!!!

Well Wishes!


5 thoughts on “Vacation Break

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  1. T,

    Your birthday? Well then Happy Birthday to ya!

    Can’t wait to see the pics you bring back of the archaeological sites. They are true time capsules.

    Keep it coming cause we in Sharon Hill love it!

    Enjoy your trip and be safe!

    Ma’a Salama


  2. Hey there!
    Happy Birthday. Matt on Aspen gave us your blog link. We miss you! Aspen St. is not the same! Will have to check out the culinary corner! Now we get to keep up with our gal in Turkey!
    Carol and Andrew

      1. Never got the emails- damn spam filter- but glad to be in touch. You write just like you talk (which means you are a good story teller and writer) Love the blog. It’s like arm chair travelling. Aspen St. has been quiet this summer. Too damn hot and everyone is inside this year in the A/C. Even I relented and decide to get central air this year and Andrew is now a happy camper.

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