My last visit to Kayseri was about 2 years ago.  Kayseri is is a large and industrialized city, about a 4 hour drive southeast from Ankara.  It is located along what was known as the “Great Silk Road” and has been a continuous settlement since 3000 B.C.  Wow, that’s old.  Despite its age, most of Kayseri is very modern with tall apartment buildings and lots of financial institutions.  It is also home to a beautiful 1500-year-old castle, and a handful of other historic sites.

The Kursunlu Mosque was built in the 16th century and is attributed to the noted architect Sinan.

Ceiling of the Kurşunlu Mosque
Minarets of a Mosque

The caravanserai, where merchant traders gathered before forming a caravan, dates from around 1500.  It now hosts book stores and other small shops. 


 Some shots of modern life:  

A Colorful Apartment Building
Shopping for Fresh Fish
High-rise Apartments

The Castle was built by the Byzantines and stands at the center square of the city. 

Exterior of the Castle
Interior Walls of the Castle

 Who knew there were so many kinds of feta-like cheese?

Shopping for Cheese

 Hunat Camii was built in 1238 to serve as a tomb for Mahperi Hunat Hatun, the wife of Alaeddin Keykubad.  It is one of the many structures built under the short-lived rule of the Seljuks. 

Hunat Camii

 Doors and windows of Kayseri:  





Kayseri is also known for a delicious dish called “manti.”  It is a small pasta filled with beef and served with yogurt, tomato sauce, and mint.  Unfortuantely, I didn’t get a picture of manti.  But I did catch this:  

 Finally, Kayseri, like all other cities in the world, has its revolutionaries.



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  1. Terry,

    Simply beautiful shots of the architect. The castle is really unique in it’s structure because of width of of the defense slots on the towers and the closeness of each one. These guys were not playing around! The Minarets are absolutely beautiful and I can only wonder why they are so close….uh oh research time for me.

    Darn gurl you are really turning it out!

    Just want to thank you for being such a great person and taking the time to share. We in Sharon Hill are thoroughly enjoying and are on the look out for everything you post.

    The pics are super! You know I’m slobbering over them right now…LOL

    Again thank you so much.


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