Maria Vesperbild

I just returned from a week’s visit with my Bavarian family and once again, I had a great time.  Mom met me in Germany and is now here in Ankara for a short visit. 

Below are pics from a day we spent at Maria Vesperbild in  Landkreis Günzburg, about a 15 minute drive from our village.  Approximately 400,000-500,000 people make a pilgrimage to Maria Vesperbild each year.  It sits back in the woods behind a small village.  It’s pretty amazing!  You wouldn’t even notice it if you were driving by (especially if you drive through Bavaria like they do in those BMW commercials!)

Between Villages
A Walk Through the Woods
Maria Vesperbild

Along the walk are the Stations of the Cross.  An altar is in the middle where mass is said on special occasions and holidays.  Behind the altar is a grotto, where worshippers come to give hommage to Mary.  There are over 1000 spots for votive candles – lit for special intentions.  Visitors often bring tall beautiful candles to thank Mary for her help.  Around the grotto are plaques, photos, and handmade items which are also left in thanks for Mary’s assistance.   They come from around the world.

Stations of the Cross
Padre Pio
The Altar
The Grotto
Candles from Visitors
Danke fuer Hilfen!

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