A Quick Note to My Readers . . .

My apologies to all my readers for waiting so long for another post!  I have been car shopping and interviewing for jobs!  Lots to write about!  There will be another post later today . . .

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  1. Hi There,
    I know there is an Christian Church in Balgat that actually is fairly large. They have Turkish translation and actually offer both Turkish and English sermons and are part of a very well established network with prayer groups and bible study and summer church camps.
    There is also an active Catholic church at the Vatican Embassy in Yildiz. It looks just like any plain local church in the States. No cathedral or stained glass windows. Actually, it was funny because inside looked just like the states too (lots of jeans and sneakers–you can spot the Americans anywhere 😉

    I don’t belong to any of the churches but many of my friends who have been here a long time are involved in one or the other.


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