Photo of the day

On my walk to Kizilay I came across these plants. They look like heather but in many vibrant colors. Unfortunately, I didn't get a closeup.  Any idea of what it is?  Does heather come in so many colors?

Notice to Those in Ankara Today – Message from the Embassy

Dear Friends in Ankara - Please take caution today! This message is being sent to alert U.S. citizens that the Embassy has received information that an anti-American demonstration of unknown size is expected to take place across the street from the Embassy at approximately 1:30 today. Expect a heavy police presence in the vicinity of... Continue Reading →

March Comes in Like a Lion

It was a long and rough winter for us in Ankara.  For a moment there, I thought all of the stars in the sky had a bad case of dandruff - it snowed that much!  In fact, we had flurries again yesterday.  But now the sun is shining and flowers are poking their little heads... Continue Reading →

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