Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I awoke very early this morning.  By 5 a.m. I found myself here with you and a cup of coffee on my balcony. Although I am happy to be here to watch the sunrise and here the early morning birds chirping away, I find myself annoyed and somewhat offended by Turkey today.

I’m annoyed.  It’s true, the AKP lost some of its power in the last election.  But they still reign.  And I have to wonder what it really means that they lost a lot of seats in Parliament?  No one party will control Parliament. In theory, it sounds like a good thing.  But what will get done?  Nothing will pass!  And when elections come around again, our “Lord, God and Master” will point to this as another reason why he believes AKP should rule!  Unfortunately, the masses will likely follow him.  Wake up Turkey!  The numerous-party system does not work.  Pull together next time!  Get the job done!

I’m also offended by anyone who would vote for a party who thinks that women shouldn’t laugh in public!

Speaking of women’s rights,

I’m offended.  In last week’s news, we learned that  a woman went to court against her husband who had physically abused her.  He was found guilty.  The woman was also found guilty and received the same punishment because the man hurt his poor little hand while hitting her.  Do the Turkish laws really allow for this?  Do this Turkish judges really abide by this?  Do the Turkish lawyers not know how to argue against this?  If a man punches a wall, do we fine the wall?  Do we arrest the wall?  Do we chop off its head????  For the Turkish article, click here:

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I’m annoyed.  The more I learn about the Turkish people, the more I question.  Do I really belong here?  I spent my life being told I am too emotional.  I recognized it.  I worked one it.  I WORK on it every day.  But I find myself living now in a society of extremely emotional people, they seem almost childlike and very easily offended.  Every little piece of nonsense that comes along is oh sooooo important.  But important things are often pushed aside.  Yes, I know you are wondering what I think is important, and why I think my opinion counts.  That’s a “whole ‘nother” blog in itself.  Let’s just say (1) I don’t want to spend another minute talking about someone’s weight gain or weight loss.  (2) If you ask my opinion or my help, don’t be offended if I gently point out a mistake.  (3)  I am not impressed by your bleeding heart.  I have one too.  Use your brain.

I’m annoyed.  I have gotten used to the traffic and the completely obnoxious driving style.  The lack of rules is amazing, but more impressive is the total disregard for the rules and for human life.  My heart goes out to my friend, a father of a toddler, who could not get a parking space at the local playground because someone who drives an Audi is more important than him.  They are so important that their Audi needs two parking spaces. In the States, we would say, “Yes.  Yes you do have a little penis.  So please make up for it by trying to impress us with your fancy car!”  In Philadelphia, we simply “key” you car – we take out our car key and make a long scratch down the side of your car.  I personally prefer the “punch a hole in your car’s tire” method.


I’m offended.  I understand that I live in a developing country.  I also realize that most Turks do not know they live in one, nor do they know what that means.  While they have advanced in many fields, Turks are behind the times in many ways.  Comparing to the “western” world for just a moment, I often find myself living in the 1960’s; a place where it’s okay to throw trash on the street, spit on the sidewalk, think buying canned food is modern.  Ugh.  Back on topic, I am offended by some of the things I have heard recently in my Turkish lessons.  I love the mix of people in my class:  Iraqis, Syrians, Greek, Iranians, Polish, Russian, Japanese American, Singaporean . . . I love to learn about the cultural differences as well.  But a Turkish teacher taught us that while it is not okay in the U.S. to call a native American “red skin” (kırmızı deri) or an African American “nigger” (zenci), it IS okay in Turkey!  Her explanation was that the Turks did not have the same struggles, therefore it is okay.  What the fuck???!!!!  It is not 1950 anymore!  True, the Turks do not have much of a mixed population and therefore have not had the same racial struggles Americans have had.  But if it is offensive in one country, why can’t they recognize it, be more respectful, possibly learn something new, and teach their children well?!  Talk about cultural differences, one teacher actually used her fingers to slant her eyes when the other American in the class told us her mother was Japanese.  She did not think this rude but was simply pointing out that she could see the difference in the shape of the student’s eyes. No!  This is not okay!  I don’t care what country you are from!  You are teaching Turkish to foreigners – you MUST learn to be respectful of other cultures!


Time for my blood pressure medicine!

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  1. Why don’t you just leave? Take all your belongings and leave. Stop spitting your hate out because I haven’t seen one good blog about this country that you wrote. Just leave instead of suffering and living in a deep negativity in this country. We do our best to change the things going on here, but the more we see and read the hate coming from an outsider, the more we hate each other as well. We’re the cavemen living and trashing a country that is so beautiful, we’re the ones who don’t deserve anything good at all. Yet, you’re still here torturing yourself by questioning the shitty distopian world here. We do it every day, trust me. We do question it, take action in every chance as in Gezi Protests but it’s not easy to change the world in one day. So please just leave.

  2. Unfortunately, You have some very good points in this article about my beautiful country. It seems like you are fed up with the daily rudeness of some of the people, but don’t leave if you really like to be a part of this land, instead are there any ways that you can educate those whom you think need your help 🙂 On the plus side, since it is STILL developing as you said, there are a lot of wonderfulness about it, especially the mainland!

    Good luck and all the best!!

    From a Turkish woman who has been living in USA where the news is full of law enforcement brutalities to the African-American population nowadays!

    PS: I like reading your blog!

    1. Thanks Tuba! The entire world has a lot to learn from each other. That is for sure. From time to time, I have to spit it out!! On a whole, I truly enjoy living here, which I think is evident from 99.9% of my posts — well maybe a little less. 🙂

  3. I have to comment that I heard the same tidbit about The N word from a wealthy white doctor in Austria. Seems even there they don’t have the empathy…or, maybe it’s just something they’ve always done that they have no emotional connotation against.

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