Turkey Welcomes A.I.

Allen Iverson, donning a Phillies baseball cap and a Besiktas jersey, has finally arrived in Istanbul! I bet he's never been been man-handled like that  - at least not by men who weren't wearing dark blue uniforms and badges!  If you think he looks surprised now, wait until some man tries to wrap his arm around... Continue Reading →

Eurasia Marathon – More Pics

For those of you who enjoyed my post about the Eurasia Marathon adventure, here are some more pics from the race!  My husband ran the 8k which coincided with the marathon, running from Asia to Europe over the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.  My husband exceeded his personal best time in the fun run!!!  Others took up to... Continue Reading →

Turkey vs. USA

Tonight is the FIBA World Championship Basketball Finals.  Turkey will play America in Istanbul (9pm Turkish time, 2pm EST).  Congratulations to both teams for games well played last night! Last night, USA beat Lithuania 89-74.  (My condolences to the Simonis family.)  It was a good game.  The game was also held in Istanbul.  Unfortunately, the... Continue Reading →

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