You Can Be Anything

I can be anything I want to be.  That is what I always believed and it seems to be true for the most part.  The funny thing is that I have no recollection of a single person telling me this.  I don't recall my parents sitting me down and saying, "Honey, you can be anything... Continue Reading →

Catholics are Killing Music!

Oh, sometimes my mind just wanders, from one thing to the next, connecting this to that.   I was watching a movie on the flight to the States called "Almanya", "Germany" in Turkish.  It was mostly in German with some Turkish.  The English subtitles were so small I could barely read them and had to... Continue Reading →


Last night I saw a Turkish musical entitled, "Seslerle Anadolu" or "Voice of Anatolia"  performed at Leyla Gencer Sahnesi.  It was really beautifully done and I highly recommend seeing the show if you get a chance. Seserle Anadolu is a compilation of traditional Turkish songs, dance, poems and stories that cover varying periods of Anatolian history.  The... Continue Reading →

Date Night – Dinner & Macbeth

Wednesday was Date Night - dinner and a show.  I got all dolled up and had my hair done.  Unfortunately, I am still not able to communicate clearly with the hairdressers here.  I wanted the hair blown out with a bit of a soft curl towards the bottom.  I came out looking like Shirley Temple.... Continue Reading →

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