A Day in the Life

A day in the life of anyone can bring with it the good, the bad, and the ugly.  A typical day for most adults is probably something like this:  Get up.  Go to work.  Grab a quick lunch.  Work some more.  Head home.  Eat dinner.  Go to bed.  Of course, there's room for a little... Continue Reading →

A Question for Matt

Matt Krause has begun his 1305 km walk across Turkey.  I think this is just amazing, and I told many people about his goals and why he is doing it.  Interestingly, everyone asked me the same question.  So I passed it on to Matt. Some of Terry's readers asked, "How will Matt deal with the... Continue Reading →

Air Pollution in Ankara

In 2008, Ankara was listed as one of the world's worst cities for air pollution. The large increase in natural gas prices and the distribution of free coal by municipalities prior to local elections has led to an enormous jump in pollution levels in Ankara, reaching 9,350 micrograms per cubic meter in the Sıhhiye district.... Continue Reading →

Photos of the Day

On Sunday, as I was leaving Eymir Golu (the lake owned by METU) and about to turn on to the highway, I saw this: I realize it looks like a rather rural area, but we truly were turning here to get on to the highway.  And he wasn't alone!  On the other side of the... Continue Reading →

Recycle America!

One of the great things I like about the States is the attempts to recycle practically everything.  I realize we are still far behind and there's always more to do to save Planet Earth.  But compared to Turkey, we are miles ahead. Behind?  Absolutely!  I remember one day back in the 90's (I think it... Continue Reading →

What are you smoking?

I realize it is no longer popular to smoke. (By the way, that makes it much more difficult to buy a quick gift from a tourist shop.  Remember the terrible ash trays your parents had in the 70's?)  So this post is not about whether I smoke, cigarette butts on the streets, or banning smoking... Continue Reading →

Slideshow – Spring in Ankara

Who would have thought that one could find a place like this in the middle of Ankara, a city with a population of over 4 million?  So green!  Filled with flora and fauna!  A perfect place to take a nice quiet stroll in the evening.  Can you guess where it is?

Kids and Social Media

I am far from being an "authority" on parenting skills.  Fortunately, this post is not really about that. From what I have seen in many parts of Turkey, children are raised differently from those in the U.S. - for the most part. Of course, there are exceptions.  But most children are treated like little gods... Continue Reading →

In the Land of . . .

. . . Snow! Ankara is not historically known for big snowfalls.  Apparently, that is changing now that I am here.  Last year, I flew back to the States in March.  I day or two before the flight, we were hit with 16 inches.  (That's 2.5 cm per inch). This year, the snow just won't stop. ... Continue Reading →

Turkey is Grieving

Last week, I was checking out a friend on facebook and noticed her profile pic (a small icon) was all black.  When I clicked on it, I found a black picture, with a white flower and a red ladybug.  Being the nosy-body that I am, I let her know that she needed to adjust her... Continue Reading →

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