Turkey is Grieving

Last week, I was checking out a friend on facebook and noticed her profile pic (a small icon) was all black.  When I clicked on it, I found a black picture, with a white flower and a red ladybug.  Being the nosy-body that I am, I let her know that she needed to adjust her... Continue Reading →

The thing about snow is . . .

It's been snowing for a few days here in Ankara.  We probably have over 14 inches of it.  It's beautiful.  Children are building snowmen.  My husband is hailing me with snowballs.  But as always, with snow comes trouble. Ankara, and likely most of Turkey, is not prepared to handle snowfall.  I learned this a couple of... Continue Reading →

Rants . . .

"Fear of the Law" has prevented me from writing freely this past year.  Since I wasn't raised here, I don't fully understand how things work.  But I do know that many people have been prosecuted for "insulting Turkishness" under the Turkish criminal code.  I'm not afraid to say that I am afraid of that.  I... Continue Reading →

Lufthansa – just like the rest!

I used to praise Lufthansa Airlines.  They were always on time.  Clean.  They fed me.  They entertained kids.  The pilot always gave updates of where we were.  It was just an all-around nice flight. I'm sorry to say that Lufthansa has joined the ranks of USAir in my books.  And that ain't a good thang.... Continue Reading →

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