Luis’ Spargel mit Schenken

This is a lovely recipe of white asparagus and ham, first prepared for me by my cousin Alois and later by his brother Rudolf.  It can be served for lunch or a light dinner.


White Asparagus
slices of ham
slices of swiss cheese
Hollandaise Sauce (optional)


Trim the ends from the asparagus and shave if necessary.  This makes it less stringy.  Steam it in a frying pan  in shallow water until tender.  Remove from water and set aside.

Lay out a slice of ham.  Top it with a slice of swiss cheese.  Top that with 3 or 4 asparagus spears and roll it up in the ham and cheese, with the ham being the outer cover and the cheese inside , between the asparagus and ham.  Use a toothpick to keep it bound.

Remove the water from the pan if you haven’t already done it.  Add a few pats of butter or margarine.  Place the asparagus rolls in the pan.  Brown them and roll to the other side for browning.  Remember, the asparagus is already cooked.

Serve immediately topped with hollandaise.


  1. Try prosciutto instead of ham
  2. Melt the cheese on top of the ham after browning, instead of inside.  This is nice if you aren’t going to serve hollandaise

Guten Apetit!

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