What are you smoking?

I realize it is no longer popular to smoke. (By the way, that makes it much more difficult to buy a quick gift from a tourist shop.  Remember the terrible ash trays your parents had in the 70's?)  So this post is not about whether I smoke, cigarette butts on the streets, or banning smoking... Continue Reading →

News from the American Embassy in Turkey

It is a very wise idea for my American comrades who are living or even just visiting Turkey, to register your whereabouts with the U.S. Embassy.  In fact, I encourage those traveling anywhere abroad to register. This is easily done online. The State Department now has a secure online traveler enrollment website which will allow... Continue Reading →

The Duchess of York

I just can't comment on this.  Videos can be found by searching YouTube. Turkey charges Duchess of York over orphan film Turkish prosecutors have charged the Duchess of York for secretly filming a documentary critical of conditions in Turkish orphanages, the Turkish media ANKARA- The Anatolia news agency said the duchess, better known as Sarah... Continue Reading →

Turkey is Grieving

Last week, I was checking out a friend on facebook and noticed her profile pic (a small icon) was all black.  When I clicked on it, I found a black picture, with a white flower and a red ladybug.  Being the nosy-body that I am, I let her know that she needed to adjust her... Continue Reading →

The Power of Being a Free Woman

Up to 70 percent of all Turkish women are abused by their spouses.  Physically, sexually, emotionally, or financially.  Wow.  Look around you, folks.  That's a lot of women. I remember the looks I got from some "friends" in the States when I decided to marry.  It was as if I had let them down.  Of... Continue Reading →

Some Things Happen Fast: A Turkish Funeral

  Yesterday morning at 6 a.m. our grandmother’s brother passed away.  Thirty-two hours later he was buried.  I am told that funerals often happen the same day when possible.  In this case, the family waited for the arrival of our great-uncle’s son who lives in Germany.  When I heard the news yesterday morning, I immediately... Continue Reading →

Observations on healthcare – US vs. Turkey

Below are some of my observations and impressions on Turkish healthcare as compared to the American system.  Some good, some bad, some indifferent. In Turkey, one can get almost any prescription drug they want without a prescription.  The pharmacists need the prescription for insurance purposes.  But a person can get what they need if they have... Continue Reading →

Missing Home . . . Ankara

I have been back in the States for almost 2 weeks now.  My "vacation" actually started two days early.  Having received a call that one of my sisters collapsed at work, I flew home immediately.  In almost 2 weeks, my Abla has gone from very grim hopes of survival, to talking and eating, enduring an 11 hour... Continue Reading →

The thing about snow is . . .

It's been snowing for a few days here in Ankara.  We probably have over 14 inches of it.  It's beautiful.  Children are building snowmen.  My husband is hailing me with snowballs.  But as always, with snow comes trouble. Ankara, and likely most of Turkey, is not prepared to handle snowfall.  I learned this a couple of... Continue Reading →

Times Certainly are Changing

Progress.  A forward or onward movement.  Merriam-Webster. But sometimes progress can mean taking steps back. Last night, I decided I would make a simple dinner, spaghetti, a meal my husband used to make for himself quite frequently when we were apart.  Boil water.  Add pasta.  Open jar of sauce.  Dump on top.  Easy right? Not... Continue Reading →

Fill My Last Request

Last week, a group of friends fell into a conversation about death, the afterlife, and reincarnation.  One of the older women expressed her fear of dying.  She said it was not so much because of her age, but rather, because she enjoys life so much!  She is very active politically, socially, and so forth.  She... Continue Reading →

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