About Me

Some say I may be having a mid-life crisis. 

But I haven’t even hit mid-life yet!

I am a Philly Girl at heart, by way of West Chester, PA.  My dream is to see the world by living it and experiencing it.  I want to bring the world closer by sharing my experiences of life, love, religion, food, music, and everything that makes us one.

One World!  One Peace!

In 2009 I married my Turkish beau.  Shortly afterwards, I asked him to move.  I quit my day job as a lawyer and moved to Ankara, Turkey! 

I am currently unemployed and am slowly learning to speak the language.

What now???!!!

More Info:

Email :  info.adventuresinankara@gmail.com
Check out our YouTube Channel:     http://www.youtube.com/user/AdventuresInAnkara
Like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AdventuresInAnkara

42 responses to “About Me

  1. loving it. Saving to favorites and to my mobile. This is a great idea. Can’t wait to hear what you are up to. Stay sane and hugs to B

  2. Hey T,

    You go gurl! I am absolutely amazed at all the information you have amassed in such a short period of time. The pic’s are great!
    Lets get that Pentax working, if you can without it bringing unnecessary attention to ones self. You know I’ve been waiting for this from you. You are truly a inspirational credit to your family and friends. I can see now I’ll be waiting with baited breath for your next blog. Jeez, I’m so jealous…LOL. Are you going to share more old architect in the near future? Oh, and you know I’m subscribing! I don’t want to miss out on anything.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Tracey and Andi

    Hi TERRY! Andi and I are sitting here looking at your site. Andi says hi and we are cracking up at you with the camel.

  4. hı terry..ı’m the owner of cucina makkarna rest. ın gaziosmanpaşa ..ıt ıs a good thing that you write about the places that you visit..and fotos..ı had 4 blogers from turkey 2 weeks ago and ı respect the time and affort that they put on this pages..please contact me 4368088 and lets see what we can do..


  5. Hello Kaan! The menu on your website looks delicious! I would love to visit.

  6. Fellow PA (Pittsburgh)…in Ankara..followed my boyfriend here..Now, trying to learn the language and enjoying what Ankara and Turkey has got to offer. Would love to connect. I’m enjoying reading your different sections and how accurate the information is. Thank you

  7. HI Viviana! Welcome to Ankara! Thanks for following the blog. I am a bit busy at the moment, but let’s try to catch up soon!

  8. Hi Terry,

    I am also an American/Turkish bride. I am originally from New Mexico/Texas, but currently live in Arizona with my Turkish husband. We were married last summer in Ankara. We also just returned from Turkey a couple of days ago. We visit Turkey every year to catch up with friends & family.
    Anywho, I totally understand the language challenge, I have been attempting to learn Turkish, myself. I have 2 Turkish lessons/series that have been very helpful. One is from Pimsleur and the 2nd is from the Turkish govt. which also includes a booklet. I would be more than happy to share these with you by email, if you are interested?
    Good Luck on your adventure :*)!

  9. Great blog. I’ll have to check out more when I have more time. Just wanted to let you know that we have created a discussion forum at Nomadic View. It’s for expats, expats in Turkey and everybody else. :)
    You can find it at http://nomadicview.informe.com/forum/
    or you can link through the sidebar at the blog.


    Check it out and sign up.
    Nomad in Izmir

  10. your blogs are wonderful. thanks for sharing your life experiences via words and pictures. and congrats to your man on his marathon accomplishment.

  11. harrison thompson

    Love the blog! Keep sharing.


  12. Hi Terry,

    I have to thank you for the blog! We have been in Ankara for a couple, three months now and you have helped with my transition (which is still coming along). take care- kim

    • Welcome to Ankara Kim! Please let me know if you need any other information!

      • Terry-
        Thanks for the christmas tree ideas…we were gonna head out to bauhaus, but maybe we will explore now! The girls have been sick, so not much travel with the snow and the illnesses. Take care and do not hesitate to email! kim

  13. Hello,

    My name is Kristen and I work on a popular American TV show about people who have recently relocated abroad. For our upcoming season, we are hoping to find people who have relocated to Turkey. In my research, I came across your blog and am reaching out to you in hopes you might be able to help me find participants for our show.

    House Hunters International tells the story of an individual, couple or family who has bought property outside of their native country. Being on our show is a lot of fun for our participants and a great way for them to document their exciting search for a home and new life abroad. It’s also a very positive show which offers a wonderful opportunity to inform our viewers about interesting countries and cultures worldwide.

    We’re currently looking to cast people who have recently relocated and have bought or are currently looking for a home abroad. If you fit this qualification or know anyone who does, I would love to tell you more about the project. You can contact me at househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  14. Hello, I have also moved to Ankara recently, although my bf is not Turkish and I can move around in Turkish without any major problem (English is not my mother language either, but my education here is in English). Your blog is very nice, congratulations! :)

  15. Really good blog, I’m enjoying your stuff. Good luck with your life in Turkey, I’ve lived here in my quiet backwater for 14 years and loving it – warts and all!
    Best wishes, Alan

    • Thanks Alan! I love getting new readers. I will check out your blog and I can add it to the list on my blog if you want more readers.

      Warts? I thought the doctors here were good at removing those! :) Oh, maybe that’s moles!

  16. This blog is awesome! I just moved to Ankara and am also blogging my experiences. It’s nice to see someone staying so positive. Thanks for spreading some love:-)

  17. Oh cool! Well I can’t wait to see more! And if you want to see my blog it lives at expatsierra.tumblr.com.

  18. Dear Terry,
    We were in Ankara for four years and are now in Cappadocia. Your blog is great. I am trying to contact you but can’t find a contact form or email on your blog. I’m probably just not able to see what is right in front of me. Can you write me. I want to invite you to join a few other Turkey bloggers on a blog improvement project in 2012.
    Duke Dillard

  19. Merhaba Terry! I’ll be looking for your new posts from now on.

    Good luck in this new year!


  20. Hi Terry – lovely writing, I enjoy reading your blog – I visited Ankara several times around 2000 to 2002 while my “Turkish beau” was serving his military service there – we subsequently married, lived in the UK, got divorced, and now I’m a singleton living in Turkey (previously Bodrum, now Kusadasi) so I enjoy your discoveries, your insight, your loves and laughs … keep writing, keep sharing :)

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  23. Michael Goldberg

    Hi Terry. I am a US-based business school professor and we will be moving to Ankara this summer as I accepted a position to teach entrepreneurship course at the business school at Bilkent University. I will be coming to Ankara with my wife And our three kids (ages 10, 8 and 7). We will be living in Bilkent University faculty housing during our stay in June and July. All of the info on your blog and links are quite helpful. Two questions for you (and your blog followers):

    - does anyone know of a summer camp (or summer courses) for kids? Ideally, we would love to find something for our kids to do involving sports, the arts, etc while we are working.
    - we would love to hire someone during our stay to help us with cooking and cleaning. Perhaps there is an ex-pat family going abroad for the summer that might have someone helping them who is looking for additional work in June and July. We will likely be at Bilkent from the 2nd week of June until the end of July.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Michael Goldberg
    Cleveland, OH

  24. Michael, Bilkent university has summer a summer sports school for the children of staff (and perhaps outsiders). Some of the counsellors speak English. The details have not been sent out yet, but I was very pleased with my son’s experience last year. I suggest you try to get registration information from the university a couple weeks before you arrive but should be fine if you drop by for information at one of the sports centers once you have arrived.

  25. I just moved to Ankara and would stay here for two yrs. very helpful blog and i am willing to read more valuable info from it.


    • Thank you and welcome to Ankara. You might want to peruse some of my links. There is a page of information for people living in Ankara. Best.

      • Thanks, Terry. I have one question.
        Are there any social activities for an English/Chinese-speaking, atheist expat, to join? It seems to me there is only a small and scatted expat community in Ankara but I expect to meet more expats here.


      • Hello and thanks for reading my blog! There is actually a large expat group here. I am not sure about Chinese or atheist activities, but if you send me an email as a reminder, I will put you in touch with some expat groups. info.adventuresinankara@gmail.com.

  26. Hi Terry! So happy to have found your blog. I have lived in Munich and DC half of my life. Now moving to Ankara in about two weeks to live with my fiance. Makes me nervous but exciting at the same time. I love adventures :) Could you recommend any clean nail salons? I have been to Ankara many times and saw women getting pedicures and hairstyle at the same time. Also, I would love to connect, anyone interested in monthly coffee meet ups? :)

    • Hi Oznur, hos gelidiniz! There are a ton of nice salons, really depends on your neighborhood. I don’t go for nails often, for hair I am happy with the tiny shop on my street. Kent Guzelik in A. Ayranci is larger and very nice. Owner worked in France. There is an old one off of Tunali on Buklum Sok called Dez. It is very popular. Expats tend to go the one in the malls, Toni & Guy. I personally think that is a big rip-off. Email me at info.adventuresinankara@gmail.com. I will send you info on how to sign up for the google listserve for Ankara expats. There you will receive emails about coffee and dinner meetups, buying and selling, where to find, how to…, and so much more

  27. Thank you Terri! I agree with you, I have been to Toni&Guy and for turkey standards it is very pricey (I paid 90TL!) Altough I like to pay more if it’s worth it but I clearly wasn’t impressed with the cut. I also think they like go up with the price with foreigners.
    Thanks so much and a private email will be send shortly.

  28. Ankara is great city and i think you will like it more step by step :)

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